Bounce Back from Adversity, Find your Voice, and Reign as the Queen you were born to Be




You are here because:


  • You feel lost and stuck
  • You are afraid to speak your truth
  • You are tired of “striving but never arriving”
  • You feel uninspired and under-nourished, AND
  • You feel as if you’re living someone else’s life


You feel this way because you are disconnected from the Great Queen that lives within.

You feel disconnected from your power and your sense of purpose.

And as a result, you feel angry.  In pain.  It’s as if you’re forgetting to do something.

You feel an INTENSE desire to be MORE!

These are messages from your Inner Queen.  She is calling for you to remember who you are, and the mission you came here to complete.

She’s telling you that it’s time to heal yourself so you can heal your family, community, and the world.

I know what it feels like to experience the pain of wanting to challenge what feels wrong and not working in your life but be afraid your voice won’t be heard, respected, or understood.  I know what it’s like to remain silent and in pain.

How do I know what you’re experiencing?  Because I’ve lived this too.

I’ve experienced a lot of trauma in my life.  I’ve dealt with emotional abuse from in my personal relationships.  Rebounding from sports injuries that were once considered career-ending.  Giving away my power to classmates so that I could fit in.  Workplace bigotry and racism.  Career unhappiness.

However, instead of recovering emotionally from these challenges, I repressed my pain.  I began to hate myself and my life (sound familiar?).


  • I lost my sense of self-worth
  • I forgot my purpose
  • I gave away my power and
  • I experienced a breakdown in my health


Like me, you’ve had your share of painful life experiences.  And like me, they didn’t keep you down.  You’ve taken a stand and claimed “THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!

AND you’re ready to help other women overcome and recover from their pain.  You’re ready to turn your mess into your message so that you can help others through their struggle.

Often we don’t live our potential because we have a crippling belief that convinces us that we’re not good enough to lead others, that you don’t have the authority or the right to guide others.  After all, who are you to do this work?

None of this is true.

Under that fear is your Real Self- the Queen that lives within you.  She is begging you to let her out and illuminate the world with your beauty, your power, and your brilliance!

Here’s the thing, when you don’t share your message, you hold others back too.  You’re holding yourself and the people you could help back from the happiness, impact, and influence you (and they) wish for.

In my mess I discovered there’s a path to reclaiming your power….which I want to share with you so you can:

  • Build the fortitude and strength to achieve your mission
  • Courageously and confidently speak your truth, and
  • Create the royally successful life you were meant to live


YOU ARE a Queen, able to live life on your terms and take a stand for what you want for yourself.  NOTHING in the world can erode that knowledge.  You are meant to heal, shine in your feminine power, and live in prosperity.

I am here to help you as you discover the process of reclaiming your beautiful self and become the powerhouse Queen you are meant to be as you use your voice and share YOUR message to heal yourself and transform your life.

Personal coaching is the quickest way to achieve the transformation you want to see for yourself and your life.

These spaces are limited and are for the Queens who are serious about achieving their greatest vision for their life, work, and the world.

If you’re ready to become the Queen of your life, ready to create the changes you want, stand in your power and live your life on YOUR terms, I invite you to apply for a complimentary Activate Your Queen D.N.A. Breakthrough Session.

The purpose of the application is to see if we are a good match, and how I can help you achieve impact, influence, and happiness that you desire in your life.

Apply for a complimentary Activate Your Queen D.N.A. Breakthrough Session by applying at


Before you go, I encourage you to always remember: You are majestic.  You are divine.  You are powerful.


To Your Regal Magnificence,








Pamela Brown

The Queen of Bounce Back

Women’s Empowerment Coach & Fierce Warrioress