“A Queen on her Throne is a Woman who Knows her Value and is deeply connected to her Source of Personal Power” 

Pamela Brown, The Queen of Bounce Back




 My name is Pamela Brown, Women’s Empowerment Coach and Fierce Warrioress.  I help black women entrepreneurs reclaim their feminine power and courageously speak their truth so they can be the Queen they are meant to be.  For those of you that don’t know me, I want to share what I do and why I do what I do.

My Story


As a teenager, I was always pushed or encouraged to take on leadership positions.  I was an A/A-B student, a star athlete, and loved by teachers and coaches all over the school.  I was known as the quiet, sweet, nice girl that couldn’t hurt a fly.  However, it was a different story on the basketball court 🙂

Because of my tenacity, determination, and drive, teachers wanted me to run for Class President and other leadership positions.  They even wanted me to speak up in class more.  Coaches wanted me to take charge as team captain and be an inspiration and on-court motivator for the team.  And I was that without realizing it; I just didn’t have to be vocal to do it.

But I felt that becoming vocal would be embarrassing.  Who was I to be vocal and push others to be their best when I made mistakes?  What if my voice was too light and no one could hear me?  What if no one listened to me?  Who am I to empower others?

The truth is that for most of my life, I felt like I wasn’t good enough, talented enough, loud enough, pretty enough, and sometimes not worthy of love and respect.

In fact, I had family members, teammates, classmates, and sometimes coaches and teachers that communicated these messages to me almost daily.  I bought into these stories and they became my identity.  These lies made it hard for me to see myself as significant and worthy of claiming my place of power in various situations.

I willingly gave away my authority just to fit in and feel safe.  I didn’t think I had the right to own and use my power.  I learned a hard lesson; when good-hearted people don’t step into their leadership that sets the scene for selfish, power-hungry people to become leaders.  These feelings of inadequacy carried over into my college years as a basketball player, as well as my stint as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University of Alabama.

Fast forward to 2013. I begin feeling called to speak.  I’ll never forget it; it was a quiet call, but powerful.  However, I ignored it.  The stories I had bought into were still running my life.

Who am I to empower and inspire others when my life isn’t going the way I want it to?  Who is going to listen to me?  I’m too shy and too scared to speak to a group.  I get so nervous.  What would I say?  And the questioning goes on.

I didn’t realize, however, how much these stories were keeping me feeling stuck and powerless in my life.  I kept running away from the call and all the resistance until life slapped me in the face.

I had to face my fears, challenges, and doubt and launch my business.

Now I want to help you do the same.  I dedicate myself to supporting you to do something that you want to do but feel that you can’t do: use your voice to liberate others from their emotional prisons so they can become their greatest selves.  I want to help you own your power and claim your Queendom.

God is calling you out to empower and inspire others.  Will you answer today?

I’m passionate about helping you make an impact and a great living at the same time.  I am so committed to empowering black women to alchemize their pain into a greater purpose and message, so they can transform their part of the world.

If you are ready to face your fears and heal the pains of your past so you can become the powerful woman you know you really are, let’s talk!  Click here to apply for a Queen Mindset Mastery Breakthrough Session…so you can release the limiting beliefs that keep you in bondage…and create a clear mindset to create your life on your terms!


To Your Regal Magnificence,

Pamela Brown

The Queen of Bounce Back

Women’s Empowerment Coach & Fierce Warrioress