Are You Ready to Own Your Value, Build Your Courage, and Reach your Highest Potential as Queen?



Do you know that you’re powerful beyond measure?  That you’re created to reign supreme in your feminine gifts and brilliance?

You can no longer afford to keep your voice quiet.  It’s time to heal the historical hurts that keep you in bondage.  It’s time to get clear on your greater purpose.  It’s time to transform your biggest fears into earth-shattering confidence.  It’s time to speak your truth.  It’s time to release your oppressive identity and give birth to your Royal Essence.

If you are here, I know that you sense something bigger emerging from deep within.  I know you feel the calling to remember, recover, rebirth, and reclaim your Divine Birthright.

My mission for my work is to support you on your sacred journey of deep healing and transformation.  To empower you in the courageous process of discovering the Great Queen within so that you can lead with powerful influence.  Together we can collectively create a world that allows us to honor and value ourselves.  Let’s be the generation that restores the global perception of black women everywhere.


To your Regal Magnificence,






Pamela Brown

The Queen of Bounce Back

Women’s Empowerment Coach & Fierce Warrioress